ABOUT the RFC designation


Candidates for the Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®) Designation

Candidates are required by the IARFC to complete a graded self-study curriculum consisting of ten volumes mirroring that of the CFP preparation that covers the following six topics:  

  • Financial Planning Process

  • Insurance Planning  

  • Investment Planning  

  • Income Tax Planning  

  • Retirement Planning  

  • Estate Planning   

Candidates must additionally meet the following education, experience, and ethical requirements:  

      •  Candidate either has attained a professional designation (i.e. CLU, ChFC, and CFP), or has earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree in financial planning with strong emphasis on subjects relating to economics, accounting, business, statistics, finance and similar studies; this granting institution must offer an IARFC-approved or CFP equivalent college curriculum and be an accredited college or university. Candidates must maintain proficiency via annual Continuing Education requirements. 

      •  Met a minimum four years of experience, providing evidence of having met licensing requirements for securities plus life and health insurance, or submit RIA affiliation information.

      •  Candidate must have a sound record of business integrity with no suspensions or revocation of any professional licenses, and must subscribe to the IARFC Code of Ethics.