Ten Questions You Should Ask YOUR Financial Advisor

  1. Why should I work with a Financial Planner and what does a Financial Planner really do?
  2. What licenses, certifications, and/or other credentials do you have?
  3. What makes your client experience unique, and how are you different from other advisors?
  4. How do you get paid?  What other expenses might I incur?
  5. Tell me what you believe in. What are your investment management, financial planning, and retirement income philosophies?
  6. Do you have a Client Bill of Rights? What services do you provide beyond investment management?
  7. How will you help me balance the trade-off between paying down my debt and planning for my future? What is your process for doing this and how can I monitor my progress?
  8. How do you define risk and how does that definition help me set realistic expectations around the investment management process?
  9. What is your process for calculating my Income Replacement Ratio and why is this an important number to understand?
  10. Are you well-versed in Retirement Distribution Strategies? 

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