client Testimonials

Eric O. / Senior Director Employment Tax RMSUS

 "Mark has been my financial advisor for over 15 years. During that time he has worked to strengthen my overall financial portfolio while putting me in instruments that guarantee I would not lose my initial principal. I have referred others to Mark who have had equal success. Mark is not only a professional advisor with impeccable qualifications he is genuinely interested in you as a person. He will get you to your savings and retirements goals because he cares."  

Richard & Ingrid S. / Retired Business Owners

 "We asked Mark Vosika to help us prepare our families future with security and comprehensive financial planning. With Marks professionalism and expertise we were able to set up financial accounts and institutions for our children's college educations as well as our Life Insurance and Retirement Portfolios. Now that our future has arrived this strategic planning has become beneficial for the success in our retirement." 

Brian & Laura F. / Software Application Engineer

  "We have been happily working with Mark Vosika for over 7 years. He has always done a fantastic job determining and suggesting investments that meet our level of risk tolerance and objectives. He has also helped us diversify our portfolio. In addition he has helped us move money from low interest CDs to other, higher yield options that still provide a low risk emergency fund. We value his advice and appreciate his many years of experience helping us navigate in the confusing investment and retirement planning world."  

Brent & Lisa H. / Retired in Alcester, SD

"During 2015 and 2016 my wife and I interviewed several financial planning companies, national, regional and local. We gave each one of them our financial statements, our goals and objectives. Mark Vosika was the only one to not only meet our requirements but exceeded them to make sure that we were also covered with Health Insurance, Long Term Care, Dental and Eye coverage. He provided us with a wide range of investment opportunities making sure that our saving is safe and yet met specific goals through different aging life cycles. We are pleased by his continued communication with us on how our programs are progressing and if changes need to be made. I highly recommend Mark for his comprehensive programs, and professional & personal interest in the overall welfare of his clients."