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The mission of USA 4kidzsports is to support the efforts of all kids, helping them advance their lives through their faith and participation in sports, music, the arts, academics, and leadership training. This goal will be accomplished through the efforts of the 4kidzsports Marketing Group in partnership with local business, and the generosity of individuals like yourself.



The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Changing Lives Forever!

The world’s largest carnivore sanctuary - with more than 1000 rescued lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores living and roaming freely on 789+ acres in Keenesburg, Colorado.

Serving others is our calling. The Wild Animal Sanctuary believes abused, abandoned and confiscated wildlife deserve love, respect and admiration. Through the support of dedicated and caring human beings, TWAS has rescued, rehabilitated and restored the natural and incredible majesty of unfortunate animals.

Strong people and strong beliefs are the foundation of a strong community that rights the wrongs of others and provides life to animals that would have otherwise perished. Together we are changing their lives forever!